An Engineer Looks at Science Part 4

By Reese West KQ6TT
A lot of the life of an engineer is solving problems which are inadequately stated, with
inadequate data, time, and money. This note is one engineer’s look at what scientists have
been doing with their time and effort. If you read it you will find:

  • A method for electromagnet waves to propagate in our world. Mathematics for this
    is known but not the physical model. (in January’s Keyer)
  • The two slit wave experiment does not show a particle model through a single slit,
    and has major problems to show how photons split into two photons and recombine
    (in February’s Keyer).
  • That matter can be made into a continuum of solid, liquid, gas, and wave. (in March’s
  • There was no reason to assume that gravity was an attractive force and not a
    pushing force or something similar. (below).
    Gravity was assumed to be an attraction between two masses.
    However, if something has moved, it is impossible to tell if it was pulled or pushed. The
    assumption here is that the reader has read the whole series leading up to this article.
    This writing assumes the existence of No Time-No Space (NTNS) with certain properties. If
    you look at the Casimir effect, two plates placed very close to each other are moved
    together by quantum effects. These effects cause a pushing pressure on each plate by
    external forces to actually move in our four-space. I assume that there is pressure from
    NTNS on all materials’ mass, in our four-space, that is caused by a partial displacement of
    particles in NTNS by a mass in our four-space. This is totally based upon the small effect of
    the Casimir effect and a very large jump. It would explain why no one has been able to
    solve gravity in hundreds of man years of effort. It also means that the writer is not worried
    about being wrong.

This idea is easily attacked so let me add fuel to that. Although we see time as things
happening ‘now’, there can exist precognition, conscious knowledge of an event before it
happens. Also, I believe that lightning is partially in NTNS. If you want to understand sprites
and ball lightning, at least examine NTNS.

This effort and writing are dedicated to Robert Shank KM6RSS, who encouraged and
helped read and polish my efforts over several years.
L. West KQ6TT DEC 5, 2023

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