Getting Licensed

If a you learn better using a physical book, there are several publications you can buy to help you get your license. The Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) License Manual and Gordon West’s Technician Class are two popular books.

There are also many free/inexpensive online ways to train for your first license, and many of our club members have found these sites beneficial in helping them achieve their licensing goals. Many are flash card based and ask you the exact questions taken from the FCC question pool. They will also go into detail as to why the right answer is the correct one. in particular will also track your success in each of the study topics, so you know what areas you need to focus on.

The Ventura County Amateur Radio Club is gearing up to hold in-person licensing classes again in 2024. Until we do, in-person classes are also held several times a year at CVARC (Conejo Valley Amateur Radio Club). See the in-person link below.




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