Pres Says – July 2024

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Time passes by differently at different stages of one’s life.  When I was still in school, there was school time, then Summer break time.  After graduating from college, there was no more Summer break time – it was work, then the weekend.  Gone were the days when I would have a large block of time off.  Lately, at least for the past 10+ years, it’s been ‘The Holidays’, then the 4th of July. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas go by in a blur, then it’s all over until ‘The 4th’.  And after ‘The 4th’, next thing I know it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas again.  Another trip around the Sun, another year older. It’s all going by too fast for me.

Field Day 2024 was so far in the future at the start of the year, and yet here we are already past it by 2 weeks.  What a great weekend that was though!  So many stations, individually set up by all of you.  This year we worked as a 13A station – one more than last year!  Antennas were neatly arranged, caution tape marked off all the tripping hazards, I heard the bands were okay, we only needed 1 generator, nobody got hurt, and the weather and lawn sprinklers cooperated!  Oh, and there was a lot of good food!  Big thanks to the food/meal committee  planning the menu, buying the food, and cooking.  I think I gained a few pounds!  As of right now, our FD points total for this year is sitting at 4898, a 38% increase over last year’s total of 3531!  Big round of applause to all of you for making this year’s Field Day another memorable one.

So, remember how time passes for me? We just celebrated the 4th of July and the next big thing on my horizon is Decemberfest.  We already have the LARGE room reserved at Black Bear Diner, and now it’s time to get the ball rolling planning the rest.  What will the menu be?  Do we want to play any games?  We’re going to pick winners for the Monday Night Net contest, but do we want to do a raffle also for something BIG?  There’s a lot of possibilities, and thankfully there is still a lot of time between now and Decemberfest, but remember how fast Field Day came and went this year?

So please start thinking about Decemberfest and getting involved.  Just like this past Field Day where everyone pitched in to help, the more help we have planning Decemberfest, the easier and better it will be.

Thank you all for being part of this wonderful club,

Dave AI6VX

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