By Reese West KQ6TT

Disclaimer: I cannot do all the math some physicists do.  I find most of their work to be a waste of time.  But some dedicate their lives to so called research.  I spent my life in engineering in order to have a family.  Now that I am in very old age (93), I took a look at their work.

Where do the atomic (quantum?) physicists go wrong?  Let us take a look.

Once they have a mathematics approach that seems to fit the data, they stop and wrongfully think they have solved the problem.  I bought a book on their work that states that at least three times they had the mathematics right, but the theory proved to be incorrect.  They do that a lot.  They have the marvelous ability to ignore their own theories when convenient.

Let’s start with the double slit experiment.  That monumentally poor work is what triggered this writing.  Once they had mathematics that matched the data, they stopped.  I did write one article about this and what the next experiments should have been, but I did not release it.  I wrote up about fifteen tests that should have been done a hundred years ago.  I would have been shouting in the wind.  Why didn’t they put a small obstruction between the slits and the target in order to block one of the assumed paths of the light?   That might have proved or disproved their assumed answer.  Why didn’t they do dozens of variations of shapes and dimensions of the slits to try to find out the size and shape of the photon?  Why didn’t they use frequency scaling to work at lower frequencies with larger dimensions?  The theory says that the same actions exist for all electromagnetic fields.  Why do they believe that our four-dimension mathematics can solve where the four dimensions came from.  I start from the belief that our math cannot solve that problem.

They stopped with the ether experiment when the results did not match their first assumptions.  Because they could not solve how electromagnetic waves propagate, they assumed that no medium was needed.  They have done fantastic work with particles but do not wonder where they go at the end of their lifetime.   (Energy cannot be created or destroyed.  It can only change form [their rule]). Their total group work skills vary from genius to just stupid.  So, get the torches and villagers and come after me.

Somewhere in this computer is my article on gravity and why it bends light.  However, I stop here.

June 26, 2024

Since this is stream of thought, I have come up with a theory of why the physicists cannot solve an obvious problem.

  • Let’s start with a simple problem.  At our ham radio frequencies we can have our radio waves propagating through space until they interact with an antenna and the energy undergoes a change of state and causes electrons to move.  The physicists know this.
  • At higher frequencies the same wave can propagate until they hit something in our three space the allows a change of state to cause heating, infrared frequencies.   The physicists know this.
  • In the visible light frequency range, the fields propagate until they meet with something that allows a change of state to transfer the energy to an atom and kick an electron up into a higher orbit. The physicists know this.
  • In the double slit experiment the physicists make a start to fabricate the gaps with a material which will cause the photon to interact with the basic material used. The physicists know this.
  • The slit material is then coated with a conductor, gold maybe, to help stop this interaction. The physicists know this.
  • When the experiment is conducted, the physicists are amazed that the electron passes through the slits as waves and then interact with our three dimensions at the target. How could they be amazed?  They built the equipment to cause just that. The physicists don’t understand this.

The question is how can tens of thousands of physicists accept the results and call this “impossible, absolutely impossible, to explain in any classical way,” and said it “has in it the heart of quantum mechanics. In reality, it contains the only mystery.”  This is from Richard Feynman.

The only answer I can come up with has to do with the conscious- unconscious mind barrier and how the brain functions.  I had originally planned to be a psychoanalyst.  I hate schools and while I was at the University of Chicago I left to go into the Air Force.  I continued reading all that I could find from Freud, Young and others.  Freud had some rules that he believed the unconscious followed.  I took them and extended them into a basic two-way communication method.  Years later other people found a part of the brain that controlled moral problems and helped keep you calm and functioning when your beliefs got in conflict.  The unconscious mind will help you believe two or more incompatible ideas as the circumstances change.   It will go so far as to make up false memories to keep you happy.  All my life I have repeatedly told the unconscious mind to not fool me and that the correct answer to problems was very important to me.  This was from Freud’s rules. 

The reason that physicists accept the results of the slit experiment must be the stress of going against very large, important, historic authority figures.  This must include teachers for a lot of people. 

Just think.  The slits were designed so that they did not interfere with wave propagation.  Then the physicists are surprised that they worked that way.  Then they put a detector in one of the slits to check if the photon went that way and were surprised to find that this caused the photon to interact as a particle.  I am not amazed by the experiment.  I am amazed by the physicists. 

Reese West KQ6TT

June 27, 2024

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